Are you Thinking you are too old to go back to School?

Several people have spoken with me about their desire of going back to school.

Some said they felt too old to go back. My question was, ” At your age now, do you believe you could have a better life at age 50 than what you have now by going back to school?” You are young enough to still get your degree by age 50. Many people are working well beyond this age. Your chances of getting a better job would be enhanced with a degree. Remember the new 50 is now about 30. If going back to school for four to five years would improve your life, why not go back. BRAVO, I hope you said “Yes”. #What are you thinking?

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You’re invited!

Community Briefing on the
Expansion of MATC’s Promise Program

Friday, November 3
8:30 – 9:30 am
Continental breakfast served
COA Goldin Center
Arts Room, 1st Floor
2320 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53206

RSVP by November 1st to Amanda Groh by email – or by phone – 414-297-7687

Please attend this 1-hour briefing on expansion of the MATC Promise to adult learners in 53206.
· Grants are now available to cover all tuition and fees for eligible students
· Available those who live OR work in 53206 and who started college but didn’t complete
· Join other community-based organizations, faith leaders and community partners to learn more.

MATC works every day to make college accessible to more people for career advancement and life success. Why? Earning a degree can transform a person’s life. Did you know the average salary of an MATC associate degree graduate is now $40,710 per year? Also, today’s high-demand careers require advanced training and credentials. MATC is here to provide that support help students succeed!

In 2015, the MATC Promise was created, providing free college education (covering tuition and fees only) for area high school graduates who meet program eligibility requirements. The MATC Promise is helping high school graduates realize their dream of attending college and preparing for a career.

Now, MATC is piloting an expansion of the MATC Promise for adult learners. Through “Commit to Complete,” MATC is offering grants to cover all tuition and fees for eligible students who started college, but never completed their degree.

This pilot launch is available only for people who live OR work in the 53206 ZIP code. We need your help in getting the word out about this and other opportunities that can lead to career advancement and transformation.

Program information is attached.

Thank you for your partnership to transform lives, industry and community together.

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The Turning Point Program by Edna Fenceroy

The purpose of the Turning Point Program is to provide youth with appropriate emotional and social skills to make a smooth and easy transition into adulthood.  Adults are welcome to attend this training because as people grow, especially youth, their identity grows with them.  


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Minimizing Conflict

“Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing,” a groundbreaking guide to mending relationships and resolving disputes peacefully, can be previewed at,

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”




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Church Women United-Milwaukee

October 25, 2017, Edna Fenceroy will be the keynote speaker at Annunciation Greek Orthodox, 9400 W. Congress Street, Milwaukee, 10 A.M. The group will focus on “Learning and Leading” which seeks unity, diversity, peace and justice.

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How do you communicate with a son or daughter who refuses to speak with you?

This is one of many questions asked or sent to Ms. Edna for a response.  There are several ways that you could initiate an open line of communication. The one Ms. Edna recommended is to write a letter to your offspring expressing a desire to mend the relationship. It is sad to have  such a precious relationship broken.  In the letter the mother reached out to her son to bridge the gap by explaining that her son had nothing to do with his parents’ divorce.  She restated her unconditional love and invited him to giver her a conversation at his convenience.  The relationship is now restored and the two are able to have meaningful conversations. The mother was asked to give her opinion about his education.













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Think Before Taking Action

Before you take an action that will have undesirable consequences, ask yourself these questions:  Do I want to live with the possible consequences; Can this action result in time of incarceration; or will this action permanently scar my integrity or reputation?  Think about it. If you will be embarrassed by being caught by your action, please decide not to commit the violation or rule.

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